The highest degree of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed

A system will typically include platens suitable for compressive testing of specimens appropriate to the maximum load of the machine and a set of jaws for holding tensile tests samples. Environmentally and operator friendly state-of-the-art universal testing machine… At Test Machines nước Australia we provide a comprehensive selection of quality dynamic testing machines that provide objective and consistent results on all tests completed. We provide tư vấn to customers Australia-wide, and work hard to ensure they receive a personalised and professional service from our team at all times. At Test Machines nước Australia we specialise in developing and distributing the very best tensile strength testers to universities, plastics companies, and other high-end manufacturers.

gelbo flex test

The fatigue test was automatically terminated as soon as the r.m.s. value of the vibration acceleration exceeded 7.8m/s2. A test time was recorded by an integrating timer connected with the electric circuit of a motor. Movement of the point of specimen centre is less than 2μm during cyclic test with a strain range of 1%. The specimen can be heated up to 1000°C by the induction-heating device with a heating coil.

The Technical University of Munich uses a materials testing machine from ZwickRoell to perform tensile, compression and flexure tests on the wheels and coatings. Max-Planck-Institute uses a high-temperature tensile testing machine from ZwickRoell for tests on high-performance materials. Cheese producer Hochland uses a zwickiLine universal testing machine from ZwickRoell for texture analysis of different cheese products. Uni Petrol – For quality control of synthetic polyethylene and polypropylene the petrochemical manufacturer uses testing machines from ZwickRoell to determine the material’s tensile properties.

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