Even for small test series starting with approximately 10 specimens

an automated tensile testing system proves worthwhile. With the use of a simple robotic testing system for tensile tests, qualified laboratory personnel are relieved of routine responsibilities and therefore available for more complex tasks. The moving crosshead is essentially a cross beam that is controlled to move up or down. For a tensile test, the crosshead speed of the testing machine is directly related to the strain rate in a test specimen. The universal testing machine can be re-configured and physically converted for a flexure test.

The range of tests is so wide that it allows for testing a wide range of materials under very different conditions (e.g., different speeds, loading rates, forces, etc.). Each frame employs strain gage load cells for direct measurement of force. No need to compensate for piston friction and other non-linearities, these frames offer exceptional accuracy and precision while reducing long-term calibration and service costs.

precision strand and rebar

The amount of force applied to the machine and the elongation of the specimen are recorded throughout the test. Measuring the force required to stretch or elongate a material to the point of permanent deformation or break helps designers and manufacturers predict how materials will perform when implemented for their intended purpose. Tensile testing machines are also known as universal testing machines and tension test machines. Tensile testing machine is a testing equipment used to measure the mechanical properties or tensile strength of specimens. It measures the mechanical properties of a material, or characteristics such as ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and modulus.

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The không lấy phí FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor is provided as a sample and is limited to one NDC per eligible person. The FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor cannot be re-sold, traded nor submitted to any third-party payer for reimbursement and is not provided as any inducement for future purchases. The Market analysis of the market share of the can prove beneficial in terms of profit to the industry’s participants and stakeholders.

The geometry of the samples should also enable different analysis like SEM, surface topography measurement, etc. You can choose from a wide variety of test machines such as universal test machines, static & dynamic test machines, structural test systems and more. Each machine is configured to match your application requirements. TestResources’ unique modular design offers flexible systems with the capability to change according to your future needs. Aftermarket support – ZwickRoell provides individually tailored services and tư vấn throughout the entire lifecycle of our testing machine.

Significant cost savings can result if you own an outdated frame which is mechanically sound. An attractive alternative to the purchase of a new system might be our PHOENIX Reconstruction. We can create a state-of-the-art Universal Testing Machine from your old load frame.

If more complex calculations for results are required, the computer-controlled universal testing machine is a better choice. Some universal testing machines can be integrated with PLC interfaces or robotics so they can perform automated tests. This is most commonly used in high-volume or repetitive testing environments and these can be performed in hours rather than days when coupling automated processes to the universal testing machines. Fifty years of continuing development has resulted in a main product line of universal strength testing machines for tension, compression, flexure, shear and product testing. Testometric machines are used in over 100 countries worldwide and supported by a network of offices and approved agencies. Series 1100 Universal Testing Machines provide an affordable solution to precision tension, compression, shear, and flexure tests.

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