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flexible circuits, touch sensors, graphic overlays, labels, PCB circuits, touch screens and it’s relative products. There are a variety of industries that use membrane switch applications. The membrane keypads must be well sealed and moisture protected against liquid spills and cleaning solutions. Some medical professionals prefer their medical devices to have lower tactile force but high tactile feel.

Our experience and competence guarantee you individual custom designs, combined with quality control checks and constant efforts at improving lead times on delivery. We meet your budget parameters by keeping projects on schedule, sourcing the raw materials and components, and giving you the option of U.S. or overseas production. Coming with strong engineering team and integration capability, Kingley Tech provides complete turnkey solution to its EMS customers, and establishes long-term partnership. Keyboard is widely used in telecom, remote controllers, calculators, toys etc. With the advanced machinery, fine raw material, well-trained and… We have established a completely one-stop production line for custom and OEM…

membrane switch manufacturers

Higher quantity orders can be scheduled over 12 months for no additional charge, allowing you to take advantage of the lowest unit pricing. All products are usually manufactured in a single batch and despatched according to your provided schedule. Electroluminescence is the result of applying an electric current to a specially silk-screened layer of glass phosphors.

The copper is then chemically etched away, leaving the copper traces. An additional layer of polyimide is laminated to the circuit leaving the gold contacts exposed. Copper flex has become the superior choice over printed silver especially for outdoor applications. Copper flex circuitry construction designs offer a significant advantage over printed silver and a printed silver circuit can be replaced with a copper and polyimide construction with minimal additional cost. As a turnkey membrane switch manufacturer, Dyna-Graphics has wide-ranging production capabilities. We can produce a broad array of custom membrane switch panels and specialty models for unique or challenging applications.

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