The light transmittance of PET is 89%, making the color more vivid

It is the most ideal substrate for making membrane switch circuits. It is suitable for products with high environmental requirements or products with digital tubes. Complex user interface designs often need more components than their simple switch counterparts, usually resulting in more layers.

They are reliable, effective, low-cost user interfaces, suitable for a wide range of products, and available with many creative options. For engineers of user interfaces for high-performance electronic applications – such as medical devices and rugged outdoor machinery – the membrane switch is often an afterthought in the overall design process. Providing the sole connection between the human user and machine, the membrane switch circuitry is separated from the outside elements by only a graphic overlay.

These overlays are custom made, and either provided as a standalone product or as part of the constructed top layer of a membrane switch. Graphic overlays provide the direct interface between the product and the end-user. So, they must be robust and indicate clearly switch locations and functionality. With RH’s innovative digital and screen printing solutions, we will expertly represent your brand. The demand for smaller electronic devices calls for smarter, more compact components.

Membrane Panel

A membrane switch is an electrical control for turning a circuit on and off. Membrane switches are more cost-effective and take up less design space than mechanical switches or buttons because of their low profile. Membrane switches are easy to clean which makes them ideal for Medical or industrial controls. We produce quality membrane switches and keypads for a variety of industries including home page healthcare, gas-detection equipment, and industrial controls. The various layers of a membrane switch can be cut out by using a numerically controlled laser.

Additionally, many factors contribute to the life expectancy of a rubber keypad, from the material used to the tactile feedback. At Xymox, we believe true customer collaboration is needed to find the right solution that best fits the intended application. Some brief examples of switch selection can illustrate the importance of careful calculation and quality advisors. Non-tactile membrane switches are ideal for many situations since they are highly reliable, customizable, and economical.

Ft. manufacturing facility that allows us to perform all operations in-house and to the most stringent industrial standards. Ideal for for low volume production or for the prototype of a new membrane switch program, our line of stock membrane switches are available through a distribution network with no tooling or engineering design cost. Xymox stock membrane switches are normally open, momentary liên hệ, push button type devices. Layers of insulating materials, conductive coatings and adhesives are combined to khung a completely sealed switch, ideally suited for switching low energy logic signals.

The components are tiny compared to mechanical counterparts, making membrane switches extremely portable and easy to incorporate into product designs, even if available touchpad space is limited. Dome Retainer / Upper Circuit Layer – This is one of two potential membrane layers with conductive and dielectric circuitry printed onto it. Tactile switches will typically use a dome retainer in place of this layer.

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