Also, our engineers will follow the entire keypads keyboards producing process

So, HuaiSong only needs a shorter membrane keypads manufacturing cycle than our peers. At last, HuaiSong will try our best to meet the specific needs of your industry. Most importantly, our resources and expertise will help support your business. The top and bottom layers of membrane keypads have conductive silver ink. At cảm biến Panels we design & manufacture custom membrane keypads in-house.

Adding metal snap domes can offer a satisfying “snap” to the actuation of a membrane switch button to ensure user feedback. Embossed keypads and selective texturing can be designed to create a personalized user experience. The same function can usually be achieved with a traditional toggle switch but constructed from bulky metal or plastic parts. Numerous functions of a touchscreen can be fulfilled by a membrane switch, but with far less circuitry and voltage requirements.

Membrane panel

Membrane keyboard without embossing – with integrated LEDs recessed on a carrier part is supplied to the customer complete with … The guarantee of the high quality membrane switch is the basic source of our trust. HuaiSong Industrial has become a human-machine interface products manufacturer since năm nhâm thìn.

Please fill out the khung on the right if you are looking for a quote or would like more information on the types of Membrane Switches we manufacture. “Customer service is wonderful. Receive confirmations and responses in a timely manner. Product has great quality.” Ken Boss explains what to stay away from when installing your switches. Take heed of his advice to keep your switch working properly after install. Position the membrane with an angle around 30 degrees, peel off the rest of the adhesive liner keeping the set up the same as before.

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