EPC-D numerical control electric screw press

EPC-D numerical control electric screw press adopt switched reluctance motor which is the most advanced and most fitted for the die forging trade electric screw press machine The motor with low pace and large starting torque apply to the positive and destructive work.Due to this fact, the life of the motor is prolonged and saves vitality.Electronic management system use PLC control with man-machine interface integration whereas realizing the automation of forging production with robotic or different automation equipment connectionThe pinion are product of particular metal, which solved the vulnerability problem of the bakelite gear with out damaging gearwheel and prolonged the pinion life greater than 5 occasions than bakelite gear;The screw and the flywheel undertake the spline connection, which improves the workpiece interchangeability.

AC servo numerical control electrical fly press of the current invention within the backhaul braking procedure, owing to producing regains regenerated vitality, could be practiced thrift 30%~50% electric braking and ram speed discount process, servomotor can generate electricity and return energy plant, like this, simply can scale back the whole energy consumption of manufacturing unit.

These presses require a smaller funding than the one of many screw presses with electrical servomotor, however they need the leather-based belt alternative, crucial for the slide motion when it wears. Technical subject the utility mannequin pertains to a sort of electric screw press that is fit to processing refractory brick or uses for forging, punching press.

In evaluating to the friction sort, 30~50% of power is lowered with respect to that of typical friction sort as whole save vitality effect. Since brake is by motor when slide is in return stroke, mechanical brake solely works when slide is close to up lifeless level, brake material shouldn’t be easy to put on, no need frequent change.

They might be used to collect metal previous to forging operations on different equipment, or to provide complicated, finished configurations with precision equivalent to gear blanks, bearing races and spindles. At the similar time, motor immediately drives gearwheel to reversal rotation, when reaches a sure level, motor will start to brake, drives slide back to pre-set place.

Be the structural representation of the utility model electric screw 2, be the electric precept schematic of electrical screw press. Forging machines are rated for measurement in response to the utmost bar size for which they’ll present an upset head. It’s troublesome to manufacture massive tonnage of pressure machine and precision elements due to its principle and structure constraints.

This compression can also be achieved tightening the separation of the flights of the screw. The flywheel power is designed bigger for the reason that amount of power to deform materials requires great amount, however, elementary construction is similar as common type of screw press.

As the movement of the flywheel rotates the screw through a nut fastened to the frame of the press, the ram is compelled down. 4-disc Sort super fast friction screw press and double screw type had been developed, however, these are mainly changed by the servo pushed type.

With a view to reduce the structural expenditure and to extend the operational reliability, each axial piston motor or pair of axial piston motors related to a pinion has related to it on the platform a controllable pump which is driven by a respective electrical motor and is reversible with respect to the move course.

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